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Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Tax Consultant

What is a Tax Consultant?

Taxes are one of the unavoidable payments that need to be accomplished, in buying a food in a fast food chain to selling your home; there are taxes for everything in this world. Several centuries before, taxes has been used to collect cash from individuals. This practice is still used up in this generation and it is getting more powerful as time goes by. Tax is important in all aspect, without tax there would be no social security, government buildings and services such as security service and there would be no public hospitals or information centers.

NTC FinancialBut if you have problems with regards to paying your taxes or misunderstood your tax return, it is essential for you to have a tax consultant who is familiarize with all the tax law on your region.  These consultants are useful in minimizing taxation exposure by using effective strategies. Read this article to know more about tax consultant and what are the duties and responsibilities of a tax consultant. In West Palm Beach, FL, businesses require the help of tax consultant for them to understand their current tax situations and know what taxes they need to know to avoid penalties.

A tax consultant is a person who focuses primarily on preparing tax returns. He is responsible in filing your business taxes. He is a financial expert that is familiar with all the tax laws in different regions also in the country. Companies and individuals are paying high amounts of tax to the government, that’s why they are using tax consultant because it allows them to minimize taxation exposure by using a tax consultant in effective tax management methodology.

Duties of a Tax consultant:

NTC Financial AdvisorThese people provide their customers with tax-related advice such as Levy which means to seizure of property to satisfy tax liability from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) .also, a consultant gives advices on different tax situations.

They are talking with the clients on the phone about the procedures a customer may do when a problem arises and usually visits the company to discuss their current tax situations, where they educate their clients about options including on how to legally lower their tax liability or compute taxes based on their assets and investments.

Other duties of Tax Consultants

•    He should know all the prevailing tax law and advising the clients regarding the precision of their documents and inform them with the local penalties

•    He must advice the company on the best practice of preparing and submission of important business documents to IRS

•    He would constantly check for standard of practice of company’s tax document

•    Evaluate of reasonableness of the assumption made by the client in the tax calculations and looking for relevant facts and arriving at conclusion with supported by law.

Qualities of a Professional Tax Consultant

•    A tax consultant should have right educational preferences such as a bachelor’s degree in economics, business or tax law or finance.

•    Coursework in estate planning and risk management might be beneficial

•    He must become a registered tax return preparer with Internal Revenue Services.

•    He must also pass the Tax Return Preparer Competency Test

•    He needs to be intellectual and must be always aware in small details

•    Have social skills to create good working relationship with the client

•    Honesty, a tax consultant needs to be honest at all time

Apart from all the duties and qualifications listed from above, it’s also important for a tax consultant in West Palm Beach, Florida to have good knowledge on environmental factors.  These include major changes in tax rules and government rules that might affect the business of the client. Also, he needs to maintain the confidentiality of the work in order for the client to be safe from harassment of other companies or individuals.

In conclusion, a tax consultant is a person who needs high competence, he must be knowledgeable about the modern environment of business and tax law and he should maintain honesty in his job. That’s why many companies in West Palm Beach need tax consultants because they are considered as assets of the company for their contribution for the business.


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